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Acting Coach

Sarah continues to be in demand as a private dramaturge and acting coach. She has worked with hundreds of clients on character development, script analysis, audition preparation, speech and drama.

She coaches for both drama school entry and for professionals just wanting to 'practise'. She works alongside a number of agents as coach to their clients, particularly with film and TV audition technique. She is also fast gaining the reputation of being the 'actor whisperer' when it comes to navigating clients through the tricky road of ever changing casting brackets.


To enquire about private coaching, connect with Sarah here.  

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'If you want improve your acting skills, get them to another level, prepare for auditions, get more confident in them and you want to do it with the best, then from my perspective Sarah Redmond is the best to get in touch with, she's charismatic, never boring, knows how to tailor the lesson to suit you and your character! She's absolutely amazing, delightful to learn with and I recommend you to get in touch with her asap, book a coaching session and see how right I am! '

Adrian Fekete (White Lines, Wild Bill, All The Devil's Men, The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard).

Corporate Coach

Sarah Redmond teaching at Top and Tiny Turns.

Sarah is also the founder and director of Top and Tiny Turns, Streatham based drama classes for children. 


The classes are not about turning children into 'stars' but more about helping children and young adults become confident creators, have ownership of brilliant ideas and watch a room of peers embrace and create those ideas.


These skills have been proven time and time again to help with confidence with massively positive effects on lifeskills. 

Sarah has worked extensively in the corporate market from directing role-play to facilitating speaker training workshops.


Transforming clients from apprehensive mice to fun confident speakers! No two presentations are the same and neither are two people so Sarah’s gift is to tailor to each individual by  enhancing  vocal presence, poise, communication and dealing with the all important nerve control. She combines 20 years of theatrical behaviour with fun and laughter creating really enjoyable workshops for the corporate market

Sarah’s previous clients include Disney, Guinness, Safeway, Bose, Lenover, International Business Awards and more.

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